Layout of Classroom for 2008-09

I’ve taken this organizing thing to a whole new level… I reorganized my classroom without moving a thing! Later today a floor plan of our classroom needs to be given to our school’s Facilities Manager who said, “If you want something changed, then give me the map the way you want it and that’s how you’ll find it after the floors are waxed.” HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?! So, I took the liberty of changing up the entire layout of my classroom, moving my stuff pretty much into one part of the room, rather than being on both ends of the classroom like I was this year.

Any last minute advice on how to change it up? If so, PLEASE leave a comment since this floor plan is written in pencil.

Layout of Classroom for 2008-09, originally uploaded by teachergal.

Edited at 5:57 p.m. in response to Lisa’s Comment on this post: I got rid of my desk during my first year of teaching. Hence, the reason it’s missing from the layout. My conference/u-table is essentially my desk. I have a Desk Apprentice, which helps me keep my stuff somewhat organized and prevents the pile-up.