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Memoir Mondays – Grandpa – 80th Bday

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5 thoughts on “Memoir Mondays – Grandpa – 80th Bday

  1. I will try making it bigger… I had a hard time finding a format this week that didn’t pixelate the photos. I’ll keep the font size in line for next time too.

    Thanks Bonnie!


  2. I love the format you are using on Flickr and the story you are sharing. Is there a way to make the text bigger, though, just on a practical note.
    As for the story, I can so relate. Love the photos to support the text.


  3. Kevin:

    I can always count on you to read my stuff first-thing in the morning. I think we both wake up too early for our respective jobs.

    And yes, this was hard. Even harder was that I got Bat Mitzvahed on June 2nd, 1990… just a few months after he died. He was an observant Jew, so I really missed his presence on that day. Hence, I am even more thankful that I had these last three days with him, while he was still well.



  4. I love how you were able to surprise him, and I am sorry you lost him not long afterwards.
    “Twisting the door bell” seems so quaint and a perfect way to begin.


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