Ruth’s SS1 (Brian): I don’t wanna write.

I don’t wanna write a student story, is the thought going through my mind right now (and because I live with two little girls there may even be a bit of a whine to it).

I remember Brian.  Everyday he would look the part of a writer — yellow legal pad; pen posed; sitting in a spot away from others.  And everyday he would simply scribble a single vertical line the height of the first line on the legal pad.  I don’t want to write, he would tell me.

One day in my infinite wisdom (read:  at my wit’s end with a stroke of luck), I tossed him an over-sized post-it note and said, “See if you can fill this.  It doesn’t matter what you write, but write some words.  Just fill it with some thoughts or a story or fragments of yesterday.  Please, just try to fill it.”

And he did.  It broke the ice and Brian spent the remainder of the year not just looking like a writer, but actually being a writer.

So I’m taking my advice and trying to just fill this little text box.  Once the scroll bar moves down — ahhh . . . yes! — I’m done!