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INSPIRATION for Memoir Mondays: Mistakes from the Past

Ever do something that you look back on and think, “What was I thinking?” Well, when I came across this photo of my feet (Sorry, but I have to post it for you to get the full effect!) from 2001, I was horrified at what I allowed someone to do to my feet:
A Stupid Idea I Had in My Early 20's
You know what that plaid is… but it’s not meant for the toes! I’ll share the entire story with you this Monday, for Memoir Mondays, but wanted to post the photo now to give you a little inspiration, if necessary, for your upcoming Memoir this Monday. The theme is essentially regrets or dopey things we did when we were younger (or in my case: silly things I did before I became a teacher).

C’mon back on Monday and share your memoir post with us.