March has gone by sooooo fast!

My students and I were at Closing Circle today and one remarked, “If next week is the last week of March, does that mean it’s the last week of the ‘Slice of Life Story Challenge’?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied.

There was a collective moan. (JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR!!!)

The thing is, my students can keep on writing their slices in their writer’s notebooks. That’s what my hope was for this entire Challenge.

And, in order to continue that, we’ll continue to host a “Slice of Life Story Challenge” once a week where you can link your slices using Mr. Linky. I was thinking of doing it on Tuesdays since Tuesday is a pretty blah day, without much of a feel. (“Seinfeld” Fans know what I mean here!) So, if Tuesdays sound good to you, then please leave a comment back and let us know if you’re in. 🙂