Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 9


The hot air inside of the bubble felt good against my skin. I took an extra-long time stretching as many muscles as I could before I unzipped my goggles from their protective case. I placed the case on the table and suctioned the goggles around my eyes pressing them until the seal felt sturdy. Then, I grabbed both rubber straps and pulled them towards the back of my head, repositioning them at least five times.

It’s been awhile.
More than awhile.
It’s been nearly 1 1/2 years since I’ve been swimming.
Funny how neck pain can throw a crimp in your style.
Even funnier, or not, how surgery can totally get you out of an exercise regimen.

Even though the warm air enveloped me and felt great, I knew I had to get into the pool. After all, that is why I signed up to join a gym! I negotiated the lane-sharing situation. “Can I swim with you in this one?” I asked an older gentleman who was leaning against the wall on the shallow end.
“Actually, I’m getting out now, so it’s all yours,” he responded.
AWESOME! I don’t like sharing lanes!

With a lane all to myself, I descended down the ladder and felt the 86-degree water against my skin. It felt cold, but I knew it wasn’t. No excuses!

After a moment of standing there, I glided forward, doing the breast stroke to the other end of the pool.

My body remembered how to swim today! (My muscles, on the other hand, haven’t… I’m so sore now, which is about three hours later.) It may have been awhile, but 36 laps isn’t bad for the first time back in the pool after months and months away from my favorite type of exercise!