Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 7 (Teddy Bear Overload)

Ever since I shared my Slice of Life Story from Day 5 with my students, I’ve noticed more and more teddy bears appearing every day. The bears stay in the girls’ backpacks nearly all day, except for lunchtime.

Today, at lunchtime, I had all of my female students up for recess and lunch for a special “Ladies Luncheon.” We were lunching together since I just got some books with strong female characters and four more subscriptions to New Moon Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams from a proposal I wrote at DonorsChoose.

After they got their lunches, all of us walked back upstairs to the classroom. Upon arriving in the classroom I noticed a pack of bears on top of Table Three. Therefore, I asked the girls not to sit there. They obliged, but were a bit unhappy about it.

Here’s the scene that I discovered when I approached Table Three:

Would you believe this? (Four or five of the girls set up the bears so that they’d be “reading” Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.

I shook my head in disbelief and wondered what have I created? Clearly, when I wrote I was a teddy bear lover in my SOLS, the girls honed-in on that!

Hey, at least the bears aren’t disrupting the academic day since they spend most of it in the hall. Therefore, I shouldn’t be complaining. Rather, I should just be happy that they’re bringing bears, not electronics!