Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 2


Decorative boxes for my students I finished attaching ribbon, to the wooden boxes I painted, earlier this morning. I decided I had gotten enough practice painting practice. Therefore, it was time to bring out the stencil and have a go with the stenciling.

I’ve been wanting to do stenciling (using a template!) for years. However, I always made excuses why I wouldn’t or shouldn’t. However, as I stood in Jo-Ann Crafts last night, taking a cabin fever break (I’m sick, but I’m still able to do errands), I realized that I shouldn’t make excuses anymore. Therefore, I bought one stencil, two pots of paint, stenciling tape and some foam brushes.

I looked down at all of the supplies I gathered, retrieved my step ladder and began to tape the stencil to the wall above my (inner) bathroom doorway. Once it was secure, I removed the protective film from the amber pot of paint. I climbed back up on the step ladder again and began brushing-on the paint somewhat delicately. I realized that delicate dabs weren’t showing up enough, so I dabbed harder. In the end, I landed up with this:

Tomorrow I have to add the gold paint when I come home from work. And then on Tuesday evening, I’ll be able to remove the pink stencil to see how it came out. Until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!