WN Entry: Today’s Closing Circle

I couldn’t be prouder of my students today. I felt the need to boast about them to my husband when I got home from work this evening since they had a very intense discussion about the revision of one of our classroom rules this afternoon. (See Rule #1 on the photo, which has been cropped so that my students’ privacy is protected.) We were discussing what a logical consequence would be for breaking this rule about one voice speaking at a time in our classroom. Some of them felt that you should be given a warning, time away from the group and then if it persisted, be sent to the general office. Two girls in the class felt that was excessive since everyone should know better than to talk over their peers.

Well, a very democratic and respectful discussion ensued. (Nota Bene: There was one voice speaking at a time!!!) They couldn’t come to a consensus since both parties saw the other side’s point, but felt that the other side was wrong. Hence, the conversation over what to do when someone is talking out of turn will resume tomorrow morning. I have no doubt it’ll be done tastefully, maturely, and respectfully.

It’s times like today that I feel so blessed to work with such wonderful young people. They clearly know what’s right and what’s wrong. It feels good to know that I’m there helping to mediate their discussions, which reflect the sensitive and caring young people they are.