Writer's Notebook Wednesday

WNW Challenge: Routines.

Our once peaceful dinner-time was beginning to be a point of contention for our almost-two-year-old who is becoming more and more independent with each passing minute. Monday night it reached a new height when just coming to the table provoked a fit and then holding hands for prayer ensued into a battle of wills. Luckily we bumped through it and ended with an enjoyable dinner, albeit a determined set of parents to find a way back to the peaceful dinner-time that we prefer.

At a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself), we developed a new routine leading into dinner-time. I am amazed how after only two days this new routine is as much a part of meal time as our prayer and conversation and vegetables.

As I’ve been thinking about this, I’ve realized how much of my day is spent in routine. How about you? What routines make life easier? What routines have you had for years? Any that are fairly new? Do you remember special rituals of loved ones from when you were growing up . . . do you have the same rituals?

For Writer’s Notebook Wednesday, will you join us in documenting these routines? I’m going to share mine via photos & words . . . so my post will come after dinner (and bath).

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