WN Entry: Snow Day

Lester L. Laminack wrote a book about it.
I had 14 of them my junior year alone.
The Governor went on TV last night asking all schools north of Kent County to close… and they did.

Today, I have my first snow day in 13 years! (This is what happens when you grow up in the ‘burbs and then move to a metropolis for college, grad school, and work.)
I’m all ready-to-go for the week. My class’s homework assignments are posted online and my charts are finished. This begs the question: What will I do with this day?
Well, when I wake up (again) I think I’ll do some writing… probably a little reading too.
It’s so strange to have a snow day for me since the NYC Public Schools NEVER closed during the time I worked there. This is sooooo different for me!

My cup of hot cocoa: This is what I used to drink in the mornings on a snow day when I was growing up in NJ.