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Gearing up for persuasive letter writing

I’m starting one of my favorite units of study tomorrow morning in Writing Workshop: PERSUASIVE LETTERS! It’s been a favorite for the past three years due to the amazing things my students have garnered for my former classroom and former school. (It’s ranged from DVDs for rainy days, new classroom furniture, a printer/scanner/copier, art supplies, books, basketballs, and more.)

Before I immerse my students in the genre of persuasive letter writing tomorrow, I realized that I needed to get them up-to-speed on some terms that I’ll be using. Hence, I created this chart, which I’ll be leaving up for the first few days of the unit until these words become part of my students’ vocabulary.

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  1. I just started my persuasive writing unit, too!!

    Now, how do you get things for your classroom? We used to have the kids write business letters and a lot of companies sent samples of candy, etc. Unfortunately, the new nutritional rules mean no more fun foods in school!! But getting items for the classroom would be great!


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