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WNW: Daily Something Charge.

Writer’s Notebook Wednesdays 

I’ve committed to writing a daily something for the month of December.  This idea came from Ali Edwards — you can read more on her blog, {A}. 

Click here to read more about my response to daily something & consider joining me in this endeavor.

For Wednesday, share a daily something from the day — or a previous day with us.  Remember the point isn’t to have flawless, beautiful writing, but rather to engage in the act of writing.  It is through writing daily that we become better. 

Hope to hear from you on Wednesday.  I’m (selfishly) looking for lots of daily something inspiration!

Here’s a piece of my daily something from yesterday:

What could be better than a stormy, winter afternoon, than being all warmed up from a nap and making red velvet cupcakes?  Organized, immaculate, perfect?  Not a chance.  Who needs that? I’ll take the messy help in the kitchen and the big love from a little boy.

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  1. I am a high school administrator who enjoys writing. These ideas are wonderful and as I read them I know which friends I will engage in weekly writing with different topics. This is so cool! I wish I were in the classroom so I could use them and I taught business education, but had students write lots about different things. Wonderful and fun ideas.


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