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I’m working in some  primary classes (first & second grade) this week.  One thing I’ve been reminded of is the big difference between first and second grade.  Although they are only one year apart, developmentally there is a world of difference.

One of the biggest difference in these young writers is their writing process.  At this stage in the game a first grade writer can complete the writing process in a day or two.  Second grade writers, however, are ready to stretch out their writing process a bit.  In the classrooms I’m working in, the teachers have started writer’s notebooks.  This is one major difference of being a second grade writer — you now are expected to consider ideas in a more formal way before drafting.  Once you’re ready to draft, that happens outside of the writer’s noteboo — another big deal in the world of second grade writers.

 As I was thinking about these “big deals” in the world of second grade writers, I realized there’s a lot to consider.  We’re teaching about the writing process in a more formal way.  We’re asking students to consider the major steps of the writing process and to be intentional about writing well along the way.  In order to enhance understanding of the writing process, I created this interactive chart for them to use.   (I’ve seen versions of this in many different classrooms & books — I’m not even sure where I first saw it in order to give credit!)


Before workshop, they can move their clip to the point in the process they are working.  This scaffolds kids to complete the plan boxes (in upper grades) that Stacey posted about.  Students are able to consider their work as writers and plan to use their time wisely.



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  1. As soon as I can access it (thanks filter), I’m excited to look at the interactive chart. What great words to explain part of the writer’s notebook. We’re doing our covers right now too…in hopes that we’ll start putting great ideas into them soon. I’m going to use catching minnows to get the big fish as an analogy of what to put in our notebook. We’ll see how that goes!


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