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ruth’s wn entry: september 11

As I was getting dressed this morning, wearing red, white, & blue in honor of September 11 and placing my flag pin on my shirt, I thought I want to write an entry about today and compare it to the entries I’ve made for the past six years about September 11.  As often happens, when I logged on to post, I found Stacey had the same idea to use this forum to share her feelings about today.  After reading her wn entry, my vision for my entry changed.

I’m struck by how Americans 872 miles apart (and more) can be drawn together by a single event.  Isn’t it fascinating that we come from such vastly different life experiences and yet many of us have similar feelings about today?  Stacey was struck by the fact that 25% of Americans aren’t honoring today.  Although the number is gut wrenching — primarily because it reveals the selfishness of our society — I choose to stand firm with the 75% who are remembering, honoring, and missing those who lost their lives in senseless violence.

My best friend lived in NYC during the attacks.  I remember trying all day long to reach her — to find out if she was safe.   Like most across America, it was a long day of waiting.  Jodi was the only sliver of attachment I had to the city on a personal level.  However, the fact that I am an American connected me tightly to strangers in cities I have only visited.  Just because I didn’t live in Washington DC or NYC doesn’t mean I don’t morn the losses.  In fact, on that day I felt more connected to Americans than I had ever before. 

And today I remember.  I think of those who have empty spaces in their homes and their hearts because an attack took their loved ones.  I remember that despite our disagreements over politics and the environment and education that in the end, we really aren’t all that different.  I remember those fighting for our freedoms.  I’m thankful to know that most Americans are remembering these things too.  And I feel connected to them.

Today I stand in awe of how devastation can be turned to good.  How the tragic events brought us together.  How we can honor and reflect together.  And how, in a month outside of July, people proudly display the flag and honor our country for all that it is.  Today, Patriot’s Day, let’s remember the good of America.  And be proud.

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