Acrostic Poetry

I did quite a bit with acrostic poetry this year since a huge pet peeve of mine is watching kids write meaningless acrostic poems in their writer’s notebooks just for the sake of writing a poem. Many kids don’t know what a true acrostic poem looks like, which is why I feel we need to show them acrostic poems that flow, like Paollili’s Book Silver Seeds.

Anyway, one of my students wrote this poem about me a couple of months ago. I think it’s quite good since many of the lines flow from line to line. Here it is:

Mother-like to 30 kids and a
Sincere teacher

Hungry to read for the
Ultimate picture book
But teaches us more and more
It’s really amazing
That she’s a whole package
Zzzz… back to sleep

Somehow I think the last line is a reference to my coffee addiction, though I’m not sure.