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SOL Tuesday

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Write. Share. Give.

Long-time Slicer, Elisa Waingort, wrote a post entitled “August” last week. It’s worth a read if you missed it last Tuesday. In the post, Elisa talks about the transition from summer mode back to work. She has some wise advice about social media. Here’s an excerpt from her post.

So, over the next few weeks, as my calendar starts to fill up, I will take each event as it comes. I will revel in the moment and follow through on what are becoming joyful routines for me this summer. I will continue to spend 10 minutes in the morning just writing in a stream of consciousness way before checking social media.

How brilliant is that? Spending the first moments of awake time writing. We could all benefit from writing before checking social media (Or maybe that’s just me!) first thing in the morning.

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