A Fork In My Road

Dear Two Writing Teachers Community,

My emotions are all jumbled up as I write this post to share bittersweet news. At the end of this month I will step away from my co-author role here at Two Writing Teachers. My work at the school where I teach is shifting and includes exciting new challenges for me. I will have the opportunity to spend time in Pre-K through fourth grade classrooms across all disciplines as I take on an instructional coaching role.  I’m excited because I always learn when I enter another teacher’s space. I’m excited because I love to collaborate with colleagues. I’m excited to support all of our teachers. But with this opportunity comes the realization that my time and resources for contributing here at TWT won’t be what they need to be in order to support this amazing space. And that makes me sad.

I will continue to slice. And I’ll  read posts and learn from co-authors and guest authors and published authors. I’ll keep sharing my learning from this forum. And I hope to contribute guest posts from time to time. I’m not saying goodbye, I’m saying see you around- here, and on Twitter, and at PD gatherings. Often I hope. Happy Summer to all of you.

My best,