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Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 18 of 31

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Welcome to Day 18!

A Slice of Life is a wonderful place to practice writing in a humorous way.  Here for example  is Andrew, who is writing about going for a drive with his sister, who has just collected her first official driver’s license.  Notice the way he exaggerates his reactions in order to make us smile…which we do!

I walked slowly down my front porch to the “new” car we had gotten for my sister. I slowly hopped in the back, made sure to buckle my seat belt,  and asked, “Should I wear a helmet or something?”

“No!” Meghan replied, “don’t be ridiculous, you’re in good hands!”

I wasn’t so sure about that, though. I had heard my parents talking about Meghan’s driving, and I remembered how they looked pale as ghosts every time they’d returned for “practice drives.” So, I tightened  my seat belt, and prepared for the worst.

The car suddenly started to back out of the driveway with a screech! and I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I knew we were only going to the CVS in town, but my knees were shaking and I was breaking out into a cold sweat. I thought I was doomed. We turned and zoomed forwards. I KNEW I was doomed!

When we finally arrived back home, I jumped out of the car and laid on the ground saying, over and over again, “Oh, thank God it’s over!” I  had been so sure I was going to die.

Happy Slicing!

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