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Weekly SOLSC

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Today is the 11th anniversary of the September 11th Attacks. It’s hard to believe it’s been over a decade since that horrible day, when everything started out right and ended so catastrophically. Today I plan to honor the memory of those who died by watching the media coverage and observing moments of silence. Later today I will take my daughter on a play date with a friend and her son. We are taking them to a place that’s perfect for imaginative play so we can escape from the solemnness of this day for just a little while.  Balancing the day between joy and remembrance is the best way for me to ensure the terrorists don’t change my way of life.

While you can slice about anything you want today and every week, please feel free to share slices about where you were eleven years ago or how you’re marking this anniversary eleven years later. Ruth and I have blogged quite a bit about September 11th over the past five years, so just do a category search for “September 11th” or “September 11th Tribute” and you can read through our past posts.

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    Here’s a link that I wrote a couple of years ago about where I was on September 11th.
    Every year it is so odd as my students’ ages at the time of the attacks get younger and younger. Right now, none of my 6th-8th graders have any memories of it. Within a few years, none of my middle schoolers will have been born yet. It is so hard to imagine.


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