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Please link the Slice of Life Story you write today to this post by leaving a comment. Be sure to check out other bloggers' writing by clicking through the links in the comment section of this post. Finally, if you read someone else's writing, please leave a comment on their blog too.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

45 thoughts on “SOLSC Leave a comment

  1. @Mary Helen: I’ve been having much more success this afternoon thanks to some of the folks who changed their comment moderation settings. (I’m always logged into Google and even with that it still isn’t working on some people’s blogs.) Hope it goes easier for you today.


  2. My daughter is 15! Happy Birthday, E!

    @I also have had difficulty with leaving comments. I did learn to highlight and copy my comment, because sometimes it will disappear when I hit enter. I find I have to have my google account open in order to post on most. Other times, I just email my comment to the person directly. It’s not on the blog, but at least the author can feel appreciated. Glad to know we are trying to fix the problem.


  3. @Linda & @Diana: I just commented on Linda’s blog successfully. Yea! However, I went to gkpbroke’s blog and was unable to leave a comment. It said:
    The characters you entered didn’t match the word verification. Please try again.
    –> Of course, I did this several times and I’m sure the characters I typed in matched. Not sure why this problem is now occurring. This is different than the problems I’ve had trying to post comments to Blogger in the past. Very frustrating!

    @gkpbroke: Here’s the comment I was unable to leave on your blog.

    Thanks for slicing about how much this Challenge means to you. It’s wonderful to hear how it has touched your life. It’s so wonderful to connect with people across the globe through stories, isn’t it?


    @everyone else: I will keep trying. Not sure why some blogs are working and others aren’t, but perhaps it is the comment moderation feature Linda and Diana mentioned. I’m not on Blogger so I don’t know.


  4. @Stacey – Blogger implemented a new threaded commenting system a few weeks ago. In order for Bloggers to use the system, they need to go to Blogger help to see what changes to make in their settings. I wonder if that has something to do with it. Also, you may have to use a Google account as Jee mentioned. I noticed you left a comment on my Blogger blog last week. Are you unable to leave comments on all Blogger blogs or just some?


  5. It’s a busy time at school right now-we’re getting ready for Expo. This post is about teaching & learning about expectations.

    @stacey – You might try to post a comment on my Blogger account. I did some research & some of it appears to be the settings that we who use blogger have chosen. I changed mine to ‘anyone’ can comment, instead of only those with an account, including Open ID. Perhaps that’s it-it’s all I could find. Thanks for trying!


  6. Here’s my slice:

    On another note, a few of us WordPressers (Is that a word?) have had trouble leaving comments on Blogger blogs in the past couple of weeks. For me, I try to post a comment, but every time I finish commenting and expect to see a word verification, I just see the same comment again. It’s impossible for me to submit comments on Blogger blogs. VERY FRUSTRATING.

    “Onesunflower” and I would both LOVE to find a permanent solution. If anyone has any ideas, then please post them here since this is very frustrating for those of us (in the minority) who blog with WordPress.


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