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Do you use DonorsChoose?

I’ve talked to quite a few public school teachers here in Pennsylvania in the past few weeks who’ve never heard of DonorsChoose.  I’m always shocked when I hear about teachers who don’t know about this incredible organization since DonorsChoose enabled me to create the type of classroom I wanted when I was teaching full-time.  In five years, I had over 60 proposals funded through DonorsChoose.  The funding my proposals received went to purchase poetry books, high-interest novels, writer’s notebooks, a rug for the meeting area, a document camera, a LCD projector, drama and yoga classes for my students, lots of field trips, basic supplies, and so much more.

If you haven’t used DonorsChoose yet, but want to learn more about it, then check out The Huffington Post’s interview with Charles Best, who is the CEO of DonorsChoose.  In less than five minutes, he’ll answer some basic questions about the site and will get you ready to go online to DonorsChoose to begin writing proposals for your classroom.

To get started making your teaching dreams a reality, click here to go to the DonorsChoose Teachers Page.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. @nk: I only had funding “disappear” once after a project was “fully funded,” since the donor never sent in the check. DonorsChoose reposted the proposal after a month or so of waiting for the check and then it got funded by someone else. Not sure if that answers your question, but I’d say it’s probably pretty rare for something like that to happen.


  2. how likely is it that something is not funded? I need a meeting rug with defined spaces….I had a bid donation ( but then it disappeared. Feeling discouraged.


  3. I have also had several projects funded. There are three teachers in my building that take advantage of this. Even though I have done demonstrations in the building of how to write a proposal and submit it, no one else seems to be willing to do it.


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