Book Reviewing Policy

We’ve been reviewing a lot more books on this blog in the past year.  Therefore, it’s time for us to share a review policy, inspired by The Reading Zone and The Well-Read Child Blogs.

Types of Books
Ruth and I review professional teaching books, as well as books for children and young adults, which teachers can use to teach students about the qualities of good writing within the context of Writing Workshop.  At this time, we’re accepting review copies for the following types of books:

  • Picture books (fiction and non-fiction) with strong messages for kids ages five to ten.
  • Poetry books for kids of all ages.
  • Collections of short stories geared towards upper elementary and middle school students.
  • Young Adult novels.
  • Professional books about:
    • the teaching of writing.
    • vocabulary/spelling instruction.
    • critical literacy.
    • technology integration.
    • classroom management.

If you have a book that fits within these categories, please fill out our online contact form.

PDFs & E-Books
We do not accept PDFs or E-Books for review since part of the exploring a book is getting to flip through the pages.

Review Guarantees
Reviews are courtesies and are not guaranteed even if we accept a book.  (With regard to children’s books, we must be able to make a reading-writing connection so it can be used as a mentor or touchstone text in classrooms.)  If we do not find a way for the book to be used by teachers within the context of Writing Workshop, then we will not review the book on this blog.

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