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Day 14 of 31: SOLSC

Slice of Life Story Challenge Button
We're delighted you are joining us for the Third Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!

Today is the 14th day of our month-long writing challenge! Please link your Slice of Life Story, using the exact URL of the post you’re submitting today, to this post by leaving a comment before 11:59 p.m. EDT today. Please scroll to the bottom of this post to leave the link to your writing for the day.

Additional Notes:

  • Please make the SOLSC Community stronger by reading and commenting on at least five other pieces of writing, that other people post, daily.

  • Click here or here to find out about prizes drawings, which will take place in early April.

  • Chronicle Books is providing ALL Slice of Life Story Challenge Participants with a 30% off discount & free shipping for any purchases made on their website during the month of March. The promo code is TWOWRITINGTEACHERS (all caps, no spaces).

Stacey Shubitz View All

I am a literacy consultant who focuses on writing workshop. I've been working with K-6 teachers and students since 2009. Prior to that, I was a fourth and fifth-grade teacher in New York City and Rhode Island.

I'm the author of Craft Moves (Stenhouse Publishers, 2016) and the co-author of Jump Into Writing (Zaner-Bloser, 2021), Welcome to Writing Workshop (Stenhouse Publishers, 2019), and Day By Day (Stenhouse, 2010).

I live in Central Pennsylvania with my husband and children. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, doing Pilates, cooking, baking, making ice cream, and reading novels.

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  1. It’s 12:13 a.m. on the East Coast of the U.S. now.

    Due to the change to daylight savings time on Earth, but not on WordPress, the day 15 call for Slice of Life Story Challenge Submissions hasn’t hit yet. There’s nothing I can do (even with changing the UTC coding for time!) to fix it.

    Therefore, if you’re here for DAY 15 of the SOLSC, please do NOT post your link on this post since this is for Day 14 only. Kindly check back later today (3/15) to post your link.

    My apologies about the inconvenience!


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