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Stacey’s Memoir Monday Post: Thankful

We’ve never been the kind of family that’s gone around the table telling each other what we’re thankful for, though I always wished we could have been. However, I think it was assumed why we were thankful for the things we were thankful for… though those things were unspoken on Thanksgiving.

mini-envelopes with notes inside for my students
mini-envelopes with notes inside for my students
However, as I’ve grown older, and more sentimental, I’ve decided that I want to make sure those around me, specifically my students, know that I’m thankful to have them in my life. Therefore, I spent time hand-making card inserts and small envelopes, with a fall theme, for each of my students. Then, on my flight to San Antonio, I composed a note to each of my students telling them that I was thankful to have them in my class (and a specific reason why I am thankful they’re my student). I sealed each one with an envelope seal and wrote their name on the front. When I was finished, my hand hurt, but I felt pleased with what I did.

I haven’t given the cards to my students yet. I’m not sure how they’ll react. After all, I never had a teacher tell me they were thankful to have me on their class on Thanksgiving. However, I think our society has come to equate Thanksgiving with food and door-buster sales, which is why I wanted to take some time to show my students what I think Thanksgiving is all about… being thankful for those around you.

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  1. My kids still remember the 2 teachers that took the time to leave phone messages several times over the years they had them. Their second grade teacher, Sandy called each marking period and said postive things. Their 8th grade science teacher Cindy called at least 3 times for each child too. Their dad and I were impressed. Now my kids are in High School. Looking back, it is sad that my kids (good kids) only had the same two teachers who took the time.


  2. I think this is a wonderful idea. I am doing something similar but for the parents of my students. A short note telling them why I am thankful they chose to send their preschooler to our school and something I am thankful for about their child. I believe we need to be more intentional about being thankful and sharing it, especially in this time of uncertainty and economic distress.


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