Printing & Punching

I promised to give a Stories in Hand Update. However, there’s not much to tell you yet since I’ve been printing and punching and printing and punching. I’m hoping to start using the story starters Sprague has given us, as part of the class, later today. I’ll share what I write as soon as I’m through printing (and punching).


2 thoughts on “Printing & Punching

  1. I assembled my book but am waiting to print all of the other pages until I see what I will want to use. I am relucatant to get too many pieces of paper printed that I won’t use so I am trying to have restraint. I too am looking forward to the writing process.


  2. I’m in this challenge as well, thanks to you, but I’m skipping the book creation and waiting to get to the prompts. I have that novel to deal with, two workshops for next week in SA and on and on…challenges, what would life be without them?


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