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A Simple Thank You Note

Four of my students took charge of the library problem in my classroom today when my kids purged their desks of everything. Over 50 books were missing and they were not happy. They took charge of the situation and helped me make a list of what books were missing and what books didn’t have library cards. They were a huge help and needed to be thanked by me… but not with a prize. No, no. I don’t give prizes for helping out. Instead, I wrote each of them a thank you note, on different pieces of stationery, expressing my gratitude. Somehow, I think this is a good way to thank kids since:
a) They see that helping out doesn’t yield a prize.
b) They save notes from me… prizes from my fun box often malfunction… a hand-written note never malfunctions!
c) It lets them know, in a sincere way, that a way to thank someone can be as simple as a note. Hopefully this will inspire them to write thank you notes to others when they are given assistance when no one is there telling them to do so.

letters of thanks to kids, originally uploaded by teachergal.

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