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This Tuesday’s SOLSC Is Here!

Please add the following image to your post and/or link back to this post so that folks can find other participants. Consider inviting-in someone new to the SOLSC Community. Know a blogger who already writes slices of life stories, but just doesn’t link them. Go ahead and invite them to participate in this weekly challenge. 🙂


Please link your Slice of Life Story here by clicking on Mr. Linky.

EDITED @ 6:22 a.m.: Mr. Linky cannot discern the SOLSC links from the AOWPC links, even though the codes for the image linkies are different. Therefore, please put the letters SOLSC in parentheses after your name if you’re posting a slice of life story, or AOWPC if you’re posting a poem. Sorry about the confusion!

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

4 thoughts on “This Tuesday’s SOLSC Is Here! Leave a comment

  1. Hey,
    I tried to make a link for my slice of life story…but Mr. Linky isn’t working for me…I got an error message that said something about the connection?
    Anywho…I did write a slice of life story today…and posted it. I also wrote a poem but I do think I was able to post that this morning.
    Hope your day was a good one 🙂


  2. Kevin: Thanks for the heads-up. I noticed the problem about a half hour ago when my poem showed up under the SOLSC. The image linkies’ codes are actually different, but I don’t think Blenza can handle two image linkies from the same site on the same day. ARGH! Does that mean we’re doing too much here at TWT!?!?

    Anyway, I guess people will have to put what they’re posting in parens so that others can search properly. Grr!

    Have a great day though!!!

    My best,


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