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Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day #30

This afternoon I met up with A & her mom at the Barnes & Noble on Bald Hill Road in Warwick. They spotted me getting a “Tall, skim, no-whip, white mocha,” when they came in. Once my coffee was ready, we sauntered over to the children’s section where we got to work using the $100 gift card B&N had generously donated to our classroom thanks to A’s persuasive letter to one of the community relations executives. We had a list of titles and genres in -mind, which we gathered during Morning Meeting last week.

A wanted to peruse the poetry books first, which we did. We purchased a few poetry anthologies, which included Falling Up with a CD of poems recited by Shel Silverstein himself. Then, we went to the realistic fiction books. We bought quite a few titles at a variety of reading levels so that we’d have something new to offer everyone in the classroom.

In the end, I took a photo of A as we left the store, holding a big shopping bag full of bags. We walked to our cars together. Turned out that her mom was parked next to me.

“So,” I said as we approached the cars. “Do you want me to take this in my trunk or do you want to carry it on the bus tomorrow?” (I was teasing.)
“Yeah, I’ll take it,” A replied.
“I was kidding. I’ll take it.”
“No, I can handle it,” she said.
“Seriously A, let Ms. Shubitz take the bag,” A’s mom said.
“Oh, okay,” she said passing the massive shopping bag over to me to put into my car.

I think it’s great that she wanted to carry the loot into school herself tomorrow. Alas, it’s already tagged and in the classroom waiting for her arrival. (Yes, I’ll admit it… I went into work today for about 90 minutes.)

A sampling of the books we purchased today at Barnes & Noble.

4 thoughts on “Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day #30

  1. That picture totally made me salivate. I’ve placed myself on a book-buying hiatus but I love buying books for other people, especially when I had a classroom.


  2. Wait a couple of weeks ’til I can announce what what of my other students’ persuasive letters garnered. This one knocked my socks off. (I just cannot announce it yet since it’s not “official,” but when you hear it, you’ll see why this unit of study was so effective.)

    I really appreciate B&N’s support. It’s simply amazing!


  3. WOW! B&N donated a gift card? She must have been very persuasive! If you don’t mind, I am going to share this with my students. They will be thrilled to hear that a company like B&N actually listened to someone like them. 🙂


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