Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day #19

Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room.
In pain.
Not fun.

“Hey,” Marc said getting my attention. “We need to do this before tomorrow.”
I gave him a look. I had no idea what he was talking about.
He reached into his briefcase and retrieved the 2008 NCAA Brackets.
“Yeah, let’s do it now!” I perked up pretty quickly.
We started filling out our brackets until we heard, “Stacey,” from the inside corridor.
I got up, feeling as if I had won an award, gathered my belongings and started heading towards the examination room. Marc scurried to put the brackets back in his briefcase. “I’ll meet you in a minute.”

After the nurse, who was lovely, did the intake, we had to wait for the doctor. (I don’t like waiting.) Marc looked at me and said, “Should we finish them up?”
“No, he’ll be in any minute,” I said not wanting my new doctor to catch us filling out NCAA Brackets. (It’s not like we’re in a betting pool. It’s just the two of us… Something we’ve been doing since we started dating.)
“He may take longer,” Marc said knowingly.
“Okay,” I replied.

So there we were, filling out our brackets; Marc more carefully than I did mine.
“I think I really messed up the South,” I admitted. I rushed. I went to fast.
We compared our results, settled on a point system, and the grand prizes.
If I win the brackets Marc has to accompany me to Jacob’s Pillow this summer. If he wins, then I will drive him around in a golf cart during his next round of golf. Either way, we’ll be spending time together and that’s what counts. (But honestly, I hope that I win!)