Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day #17

Math Game Creation

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I was home again today. Sleeping… Trying to get a doctor’s appointment to nip this neck thing in the bud…

After hearing that remainders were tough for my class today, I decided, at 6:45 p.m., to find some division games to help them nail-down their division skills before forging-on with remainders. I found a great Origo Game called “Have a Half.”

So… I began duplicating the numeral cards on card stock and started cutting them and stacking them in piles. I copied the game boards and put them in sheet protectors. Then, feeling the need to jazz it up a bit, I created a funky header for the rule sheet and typed up the rules in a MS Word Document. I think, considering how I’m feeling, that I did a decent job. (I didn’t have the energy to laminate the cards like I usually do. If these get messed up, I can always redo them for the next class.)

I’m looking forward to heading back to my kiddies tomorrow. 🙂