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Writer’s Notebook Wednesday is Here!

Writer’s Notebook Wednesdays
This week I remembered to post the entry before going to work. Hooray for me!!! 😉 Anyway, we’re trying Mr. Linky again. Do link us to your entry and/or leave us a comment.

Looking forward to reading your entries!

8 thoughts on “Writer’s Notebook Wednesday is Here!

  1. LaTam I was also thinking that I would like to read more about this boy with the rocks. Got a site we can go to? The blog world is a very fun safe place to live your writer’s notebook out loud! Come join us!


  2. La Tam —
    I have a couple of questions to get your creative juices flowing —

    Why does the little boy who discovers the strange pile of rocks entice you?

    What makes the pile of rocks strange?

    How does the little boy discover the strange rock pile?

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your story! 🙂



  3. Ohhh Latam- I am all about the story of the little boy who discovers a pile of rocks! I can only imagine all the neat things that could happen there. It would be great to hear it on your blog!!!! Do you have a site that I can go to so we can share thoughts??? Can’t wait to hear about it!!!! Do share! Jen from jenteacherslife.blogspot.com


  4. It’s strange that I’m stuck in creating a fantasy story, and Ruth comes up with a way in or way out of my dilemma–however you look at it! Fantasy writing is not easy for me. I like realistic fiction and biographies and writing as such. But I have this rock collection and I’ve got this fantasy in my head, there’s a story to be written here. Should it be a factual piece about rocks themselves (boring) or a story with a little boy who discovers the strange pile of rocks? (enticing) Ideas to get my story going? Latam


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