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Reacting to the World

I shared my September 11th WN Entry with my class today since my teaching point was:
Writers react to things that are happening in the world around them by writing long about events in their writer’s notebook.
I was a bit nervous to share it with them since it paints a very vivid picture of what life was like in NYC that day.

After I read it you could’ve heard a pin drop in the room. I got nervous. For a second I doubted my decision. But then, during the active involvement when I elicited from them what they wanted to write reactions to, very deep things poured forth. Everything from construction accidents to racial fights to gang violence to natural disasters came up (in their plan boxes). I was floored with the sincerity they gave this charge (i.e., teaching point).

To that end, I did a strategy lesson with some kids who were unsure of what kind of news they knew about. Hence, we turned to their latest issue of Time for Kids. The article that really got some of them writing was entitled “Good Grades Are Worth Cash.” Definitely worth sharing with your students if you want to elicit some interesting, thought-provoking writing from them.

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