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Stacey’s WN Entry: Special Place

Today’s WN Entry comes from Ralph Fletcher‘s Website.

Special place: special room, attic nook, inside of a tree, scary closet. You might start by quickly sketching a map of a house full of memories. Mark those rooms where something important happened to you.

My parents’ living room was bare when I was a little girl. I used to use the large room as a combination playroom and gymnastics studio, tumbling five times across the carpet before getting dizzy. My parents furnished the living room in a pretty un-kid-friendly way (Love the room now, but it totally burst my bubble at the age of seven) when I was seven. I was relatively distraught because of the fact that I lost my playroom.

However, by the time I got to middle school, I realized that I could still dance around in the living room. In fact, it was in the living room of my parents’ house that my friends and I created ‘music videos’ (a la “Puttin’ on the Hits” Style) in there. When I had to practice for high school musicals I always used the mirrored wall unit to help me rehearse my singing and choreography.

Now, whenever I go to my parents’ house and sit in the living room, I enter it with many wonderful memories from childhood and from my teenage years inside of my head. So even though I might sit on the couch and talk with family there, I’m really envisioning myself as a six year old kid doing cartwheels across the beige carpeting with the largest smile on my face.


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3 thoughts on “Stacey’s WN Entry: Special Place Leave a comment

  1. I think you’re being too hard on yourself & here’s why: A writer’s notebook is a place to play — a place to get the story out of your memory banks and into concrete words. The beauty of a writer’s notebook entry is it doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t even have to be good. The story or the thought or the jumbled-mess (in my case) just has to become concrete. I think this a good example of a writer’s notebook entry.

    I know where you’re coming from though — I think it’s tough to share my wn entries in this public (almost) forum. It takes a lot for me not to revise & rewrite & rework my orginal entries since they are out there for the world. But then I remind myself of the titleof the post — WN Entry –& am happy just to play with words & memories and hope to inspire others to do just that too.

    Write On!


  2. I was thinking about my own entry and realized that if a kid wrote this inside of a narrative unit of study, then I wouldn’t have been overly pleased. It represents a good thinking entry for personal essay, but not much else.

    Am I being too hard on myself?


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