Uvalde: Where We Are & What We Do Next

Since 2007, I've refrained from sharing my political views on this blog. After all, TWT is a blog about the teaching of writing. However, I'm not about to stay silent when students and teachers have been murdered in their school building once again.

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Living Well in the Classroom

Last week I found myself reading through The Community Review, which is the Jewish newspaper for Greater Harrisburg. Rabbi Akiva Males of Kesher Israel Congregation wrote a tribute to teacher Victoria Soto who hid many of her students when the gunman entered her classroom. While I've read much about Soto's heroism, there was something that… Continue reading Living Well in the Classroom


A national tragedy impacts all of us.

I don't want to imagine receiving an automated phone call from my child's school telling me there has been a shooting there.  That's what happened today in Newtown, CT after a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and began shooting. When I heard there was a school shooting today in Connecticut, I immediately thought about… Continue reading A national tragedy impacts all of us.