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Let’s Pretend!


We encourage fantasy play at choice time and outdoor play. We teach readers to pretend to be characters as they read. When role-playing is a natural and essential part of childhood, why wouldn’t we encourage our young writers to make-believe?

Six REAL Purposes For Kids to Write This Summer and Beyond


We do all we can to keep kids writing over summer. But are we assigning tasks and busywork, or actually enriching their writerly lives?

I’ve created a tool to share with families and students of all ages to inspire writing for REAL purposes this summer and beyond.

One Voice, Many Languages


“Suddenly, the most beautiful words filled the air. Eva was rehearsing her writing aloud,  in Spanish. I quickly reached for my phone and recorded her, so she’d remember her plans. But Eva didn’t need that. The words came right back, this time, on paper.”

How to Reinvigorate Writing Workshop With Joy Through Independent Writing Projects


Don’t let kids (or teachers) lose momentum for writing as summer approaches! There is no better time than now to implement independent writing projects, as we help kids prepare to lead writerly lives long after the school year ends.

A Breakthrough In Poetry: How To Bring Playfulness to Every Genre


Kids are inundated by rules. If the gift of writing is freedom of expression, are we imposing too many “rules” on writers? What if the rules of every genre, like poetry, were limited to just two or three?