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Ways to Organize Writer’s Notebooks: Notebook as a Writer’s Tool

There is no one “correct” way to organize writer’s notebooks. So much depends upon the purpose the notebooks serve in your classroom and how students will utilize them during writing time. My goal with this post is to share different possibilities for organizing writer’s notebooks and present you with various options. To section or not to section will depend on how you see writer’s notebooks and the role they play in your workshop.

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Writer’s Notebooks

Last week I had a conversation with a middle school teacher who has spent her summer studying writing workshop and is excited to make writer’s notebooks the backbone of her writing instruction. This is my tenth year as an instructional writing coach and I’ve had the opportunity to see teachers put notebooks in action hundreds… Continue reading Writer’s Notebooks

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Making Writer’s Notebooks Personal

In my last post, there was this comment: Heather on Saturday August 4, 2012 at 1:06 pm said: Thanks for these ideas! But I really can’t wait to read about your ideas on writer’s notebooks on Monday! I need to breathe new life in to them in our classroom…I do not feel that I have found a way… Continue reading Making Writer’s Notebooks Personal

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GUEST BLOG POST: Writer’s Notebooks: Traveling as a Pathway to Writing More (for You!)

Sarah Mulhern Gross has been a middle school language arts teacher and currently teaches 9th and 12th grade English.  She has a keen interest in young adult fiction and nonfiction and strives to connect her students with authors outside the classroom.  Her classroom library holds over 1,000 books which she lends out to students and… Continue reading GUEST BLOG POST: Writer’s Notebooks: Traveling as a Pathway to Writing More (for You!) · writer's notebook

Portable Writer’s Notebooks

I’ve written a couple of mini-grant proposal on in the past couple of years for real writer’s notebooks (i.e., Bluelines and Moleskines) for my students to use so that they wouldn’t have to carry around clunky writer’s notebooks since adult writers don’t (so why should kids if we’re asking them to take their notebook… Continue reading Portable Writer’s Notebooks

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Writer’s Notebooks, Art Journals, Scrapbooking, Blogs???

Liza Lee Miller said:  Okay . . . here’s a question for you. As a teacher, as a writer, as an artist . . . what is the difference between a Writer’s Workbook and an Art Journal. My mother and sister keep art journals and ephemera is a huge part of that for them. I… Continue reading Writer’s Notebooks, Art Journals, Scrapbooking, Blogs???

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Inspiring Words for the Inside of Students’ Writer’s Notebooks

For the past two years I’ve included “My Writer’s Notebook/Diamond Search” by Brod Bagert inside of every student’s writer’s notebook. However, in addition to Barert’s Poem this year, I’m also going to be putting some writerly advice inside of the kids’ notebooks. These pieces of “advice,” combined with the gift-wrapping of the notebooks, should make… Continue reading Inspiring Words for the Inside of Students’ Writer’s Notebooks

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Working Lunch: Checking Writer’s Notebooks

It’s October and that means that it’s time for me to start checking my students’ writer’s notebooks once/week. Today was the first day of it. (I’m using the rubric I used last year, which is loosely based off of the work of Aimee Buckner.) 1 of the 4 students was absent (who was supposed to… Continue reading Working Lunch: Checking Writer’s Notebooks

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Steppin’ It Up: Real Writer’s Notebooks

No longer will my students be using composition notebooks or spiral-spined notebooks with perforated edges in Writing Workshop this year. I’m making a move and providing them with REAL writer’s notebooks (read: Moleskine Cahier Notebooks). I found them at a pretty affordable price at (Please note: I haven’t ordered them yet, so I don’t… Continue reading Steppin’ It Up: Real Writer’s Notebooks