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Hello March! (Ruth’s Slice of Life)

Hello March: I’m glad you’re here — even though you are filled with blustery weather and even a bit of snow, I’ve been waiting for you.  Waiting for the hope that is in the crisp blue of your skies and in the new green of your buds.  I’m waiting for the bursts of sunshine which… Continue reading Hello March! (Ruth’s Slice of Life)

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Ruth’s Slice of Life 3/31: Hello March!

The sun streams through the sky down to my face: bright, bold, warm. The wind whips through the parking lot cutting through my winter attire: brutal, biting, cold. Hello March! whirls in my mind. The calendar says you are here. So soon, won’t you bring out the green? And the crisp blue skies? And the… Continue reading Ruth’s Slice of Life 3/31: Hello March!

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And So It Begins (Ruth’s SOLS)

Hello March. I’ve been waiting for you. My soul feels you. Last summer I longed for a change in season. Summer wasn’t in my heart, but it held on and kept coming back and back and back. I couldn’t escape the summer memories, memories reminding me that sometimes life is just plain hard.  Winter was… Continue reading And So It Begins (Ruth’s SOLS)

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What is a Slice of Life?

The month long Slice of Life Challenge will begin in March. Until then, we have Slice of Life Tuesdays, where we encourage you to share a Slice from your life. It’s a simple way to practice what we ask of students — to write for ourselves and be part of a community of writers. I… Continue reading What is a Slice of Life?