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Chants for Writing: Support Routines, Conventions, and Craft

Chants are a highly engaging teaching strategy that support multilingual and monolingual learners alike. Try them out for teaching routines, conventions, and craft in writing workshop.

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Ways to Teach Conventions: Our Favorite Things

Writing involves the integration of so many skills and cognitive processing that it’s understandable when conventions don’t show up! Here are some ideas that I hope you can use in your instruction right as the year starts– and then any time thereafter. 

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Grammar and Conventions: Meet Writers Where They Are

Have you ever wondered what to do if some of your students don’t understand a grade-level grammatical skill? This post will help you determine how to move those children towards the end-of-year expectations for your grade level.

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Using Inquiry to Lift Language Conventions

As middle school teachers, we know grammar and language conventions have likely been taught to our writers in previous years. But why don’t they stick? Here are a few ideas around teaching grammar and language conventions using an inquiry approach…

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Every Child Can Write Blog Tour: Focus on Spelling and Conventions (Giveaway)

Welcome to the next stop on Melanie Meehan’s Every Child Can Write blog tour! Today’s focus is on Chapter 8, which has excellent ideas for educators when it comes to teaching striving writers about spelling and conventions. Be sure to comment on this post for a chance to win your own copy of Every Child Can Write! (You are going to want a copy of this book ASAP! It is THAT good!)

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Talking to Caregivers about Conventions and Spelling

More than other skills, most caregivers tend to worry about spelling and conventions when it comes to their child’s writing. I get it. Those skills are right there at the tip of the writing iceberg. Those skills are concrete and obvious. Those skills are the ones that they recognize and know how to fix when they sit with their child. So how do we talk to caregivers about spelling and punctuation? Here are three ideas that you may find helpful. 

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When Conventions Aren’t Sticking–Some Tips and Tricks

Disclaimer: you’re not going to find the miracle cure for getting students to use conventions in their writing within this post. I don’t have one. And I’ve read a lot, researched a lot, and tried a lot of things. That being said, you may come across some ideas that apply not only to conventions, but also to the writing process as a whole, and maybe even to life. (That might be a stretch…but maybe—)

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Conventions & Presentation: Solving Predictable Problems

Proper use of conventions and the aesthetics of writing pose unique challenges in an elementary writing workshop. Here are solutions to eight predictable problems you may be facing with your students.


Formal and Informal Writing with Conventions

I use conventions in my writer’s notebook and in e-mails. I tend to write with proper conventions when I’m IM-ing since I know it makes my message easier for my reader to decode when we’re writing back and forth rapidly. I write with conventions when I jot notes to my husband. I consistently write with… Continue reading Formal and Informal Writing with Conventions

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Conventions Celebration

I spoke with my student teacher about a half hour ago. She’s designing an assignment for my students to show-off their knowledge of conventions since we’re ending our unit of study (on conventions) this week. Our celebration is set for Friday, but we weren’t sure exactly what their finished piece would look like, how it… Continue reading Conventions Celebration