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Tapping Into the Power of Some New Mentor Texts

Mentor texts are important co-teachers in the writing workshop! Here’s an in-depth look at the mentor texts I talked about in a recent podcast.
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I Write Therefore I Am: Using Mentor Texts to Study Identity in Writing Workshop

Today is a Voices From the Community post, written by Logan Beth Fisher. She writes, “Writing workshop is the perfect time of the day in which to create opportunities for students to truly do a deep dive into their identities. The more chances a child has to examine the things that make them who they are, the greater the chance that they will broaden their capacity to generate ideas in which to write. Like any other good writing unit, educators can rely on mentor texts to help model not only the craft of writing but will also offer ways in which students can consider their own identities based on the theme or subject of the text.”

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Mentor Texts to Increase Empathy: Teaching Writing with a Social Justice Lens

Today I continue our conversation with mentor texts when teaching writing through a social justice lens. Empathy is the first step toward building understandings beyond ourselves. It takes imagination and compassion.

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Inclusive Mentor Texts: Teaching Writing with a Social Justice Lens

We can have a positive impact on children’s reading lives when we attempt to make sure every child’s life is reflected in books AND that every child can understand the experiences of other people by reading books. By doing this, we not only positively impact our students, but we improve our society as a whole.

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The Joys of Sharing Expository Nonfiction Mentor Texts with Students + a Giveaway

Consider sharing these six books with your fact-loving students.
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Continuing to think about our mentor texts

While we have to ask ourselves questions about where books fit into our curriculum and how books support mindsets, now, more than ever, we should be asking how the books we use promote social justice and cultural awareness. These questions do not apply only to the books we offer students to read, but also the books we use to teach students to write. 

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Four Mentor Texts to Nurture the Relationship Between a Writer and a Notebook: Notebooks as a Writers Tool

Writers pause to notice the obvious and obscure moments in life. They preserve their memories in their notebooks by jotting words, tucking away photographs, ticket stubs, and other items that have left an imprint. Each of these items waits inside the notebook until the writer pulls them out and forms them into a story to… Continue reading Four Mentor Texts to Nurture the Relationship Between a Writer and a Notebook: Notebooks as a Writers Tool

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Student-Written Mentor Texts: Beyond the Fundamentals of Writing Workshop

While many teachers seem knowledgeable about mentor texts and teacher-created texts, it is my hope that focusing on student-written mentor texts will lead more teachers to realize students can be mentor authors, too.