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Write a slice of life story. Share your link in the comments section of this post. Give comments to at least three of the other Slice of Life stories.

Welcome to Tuesday’s Slice of Life Story Challenge. The world seems to be spinning around us and so too the opportunities to tell our stories. While reading Austin Kleon’s book, Keep Going, I found this quote by Toni Morrison. It seems the right quote to launch this month’s Slice of Life Story Challenge. Please join us. 

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California native. Dual language 4th grade teacher. NWP/HTWP Teacher Consultant. Kidblog Ambassador. Writer.

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    • Beautiful creature! I had no idea it was out there devouring Portugués Man o’War out there (and I do watch a lot of discovery channel 😆) Thanks for my new learning!

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  1. It is important to listen to others. It is equally important to speak up. When you have something to say on a topic dear to your heart, speak! Tell your story. Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say.

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