Signs of Growth, Transitions, & Mixed Feelings

Dear Writing Community,

I remember the day I heard the Voxer message from my dear friend, Karen Terlecky, “Deb, did you see Two Writing Teachers is looking for another writer? I think this is your next step.” I was shocked. Who was I to write with such a prestige team of writers and educators? But knowing Karen believed in me gave me the courage to reach for the next step.

Writing with these fantastic professionals has been a badge of honor. This chapter of my life has brought me growth personally, professionally, and opened me up to writing abilities I didn’t know I had. The writers of this blog have become dear friends and amazing mentors.

It is with mixed feelings that I share I will be closing this chapter. At the end of the Classroom Slice Of Life Story Challenge, I will no longer be writing as a member of the Two Writing Teachers co-author team.

My professional growth has lead to a new position in my district. For the past two years, I have been working across two buildings — with grades K-5 in all subject areas — as an Educational Technology Coach. I have been working alongside teachers and students bridging the power of digital tools and student learning. The work has been exciting and a new opportunity. In these new opportunities, I am finding I want to broaden my writing focus to include the work I am currently doing. As we all know, writing about the work we do helps us reflect and grow.

Fred Rogers says, “Transitions are almost always signs of growth.” I plan to continue writing and sharing my professional journey on educational technology on my personal blog and Twitter. So this isn’t goodbye; I’ll see you on Twitter daily, at NCTE in November, and at ISTE in June!

Thank you to the most supportive and encouraging writing community a teacher who writes could ever hope to have!

Keep supporting each other. Our work is hard, it matters… and we need each other.


With Gratitude,