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Who Inspires You? A Challenge for First-Time Slicers


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Daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, and writer.

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  1. I am inspired by the comments (and writing) of Fran Haley at Unknowingly, she has held up a mirror to my teaching. As a literacy coach, I preach the importance of teaching the writer, not the writing. Fran does that. She comments not only on the content of my posts, but on the craft. She has given me confidence both in my writing and in my teaching. Thank you, Fran!


  2. I have been so grateful for a few people who have inspired me and supported me in this challenge. However, for sheer dedication and support I have to go with Amanda Potts at who from Day 1 has read every single one of my blog posts and commented meaningfully and thoughtfully on every single one of my posts. Amanda made me feel welcome and heard and appreciated. I truly can’t believe how lucky I am to have her by my side through this challenge.


  3. Tammy Breitweiser at has been tremendously encouraging to me. We found each other through #TeachWrite. While others in that group had encouraged me to try slicing, Tammy noticed we were from the same area and went out of her way to connect with me in person as well as online. Knowing that she is around makes me feel more accountable for my writing, and I admire the way she is always experimenting with different forms and challenges for herself.

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  4. Oh, I really wish we weren’t limited to one. This challenge has been uplifting in so many ways. Juliette Awua-Kyerematen (from ) has inspired me with such gracious comments. It’s really meaningful because the comments always include specific lines and/or elements from my writing. Specificity adds so much value.


  5. I have been consistently inspired by Paul Fornale (at least I am gleaning his name from WordPress :)–

    From Paul’s post about taking his dad for treatment to posts about music and mindfulness concepts, I have been given a lot to think about as well as inspiration to keep going.

    I have been blogging for a few years now and have participated in a few challenges. While I am an SLP in schools, and don’t “teach writing” as many other educators associated with this challenge do, I have found new and interesting perspectives which have reinvigorated me to writing. Sharing stories and recollecting about what has brought me to this point in my life has been nothing short of amazing. Coming across educators like Paul have made this a truly enriching experience.


  6. I have been encouraged this month by Liz at
    Liz is a teacher consultant with me at Gateway Writing Project. I learned about the project through her and others, but Liz has especially inspired me because of our opportunity to talk about the project before it happened. We went on a writing retreat together and she shared ideas and prompts — she got me excited! We’ve also buddied up for commenting. I’m so enjoying reading her slices, getting to know her better, and knowing that she is an audience for me too. She’s really helped make this writing project meaningful for me!


    • I have to thank my sister, Emily, from Sometimes Fabulous, Sometimes Fail, for introducing me to SOL and for her early texts to remind me to slice and for her early comments. I have so enjoyed reading bits of her day, as we don’t live close by and are busy with our housefuls of boys.
      But my nomination goes to Elisabeth from She has not only provided varied and specific feedback on my slices, her early interest in my blogs helped me to keep writing. I believe our purpose for writing is for connection. Elisabeth helped me connect to this community and to believe in myself as a writer. I have enjoyed and at times been challenged by her writings. I have learned from her techniques. She will be someone I will follow even after this challenge. I want to say a huge thank you for all who have made SOL a project. I have had a blog site for almost two years and had only mustered a single post, too worried to send my writings out until I had ‘perfected them’ This process has been therapeutic. I also hope to get my students involved in the challenge next year. Does March really have to end??


  7. I’ve had a steadfast commenter whose responses I’ve come to look for, which is saying something seeing as I’ve always shuddered at the thought of anyone reading my writing! Being on opposite sides of the world, meaning I post at silly hours in the morning US time, I haven’t had chance enough to read her writing, though I want to and will from now on. Thank you, Andrea Clarke.


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