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MonthSeptember 2017

Today is a Great Day to Learn Something New

So, as I enter the start of my school year, I am proud to identify as a lifelong learner in every sense of the word. I am a professional who continuously strives to grow in my craft. I surround myself with people that inspire me to be the best I can be and I actively seek out opportunities to do so as well. I modify and implement what I learn to better my teaching. I learn from my mistakes, take in the advice of others and adjust accordingly. Additionally, I am a curious minded individual who seeks out new experiences, new people, new places and is willing to take risks to better myself. I am leading by example to my students as I follow the mantra hanging in the front of my classroom- “Today is a great day to learn something new!”

An Invitation to Make Writing That Matters

Teaching writing isn’t easy. We can get lost in all that needs “fixing” in our students’ work, lost in the standards and district curriculum maps, lost in the products we need to hang on a wall for a display. We find our way when our WHY is nearest to our hearts: Why do our students need to write well? How will writing play a role in their lives? How will writing make their lives more meaningful? What matters the most when it comes to teaching young writers?

Blending Instruction: The One Stop Meeting Space

With the easel at my left (I am right handed), document camera, computer or iPad on my right, and a swivel chair all my tools are at my fingertips! There’s no need to move across the room to see the screen or make an adjustment to my technology.  The students and I have access to everything in one space.   This one-stop meeting space allows the students to maintain focus on the learning and not the tools. 

Knowing My Writers

September is a get-to-know-you month. A community-building-ice-breaker-month. September is a settling-in month, a becoming-comfortable month, a building-relationship month. It’s an ask-the-parents-about-their-child month. A stack of papers month. Artwork created month. September is a launching month, a set-the-vision month, a build-enthusiasm for the work ahead month.

September is an exhausting month, but a month that reveals much about the 24 third graders who inhabit room 215 with me this year.