Summer Writing Bucket List

If you are a reader of our blog, then chances are you already understand the importance of practicing writing yourself to become a stronger writing teacher. When you practice writing regularly, you:

  1. Develop empathy for the challenges your students face daily in your writing workshop.
  2. Practice strategies that you can then share with writers when they encounter the same challenges as you.
  3. Live differently: you walk through life noticing things you might have overlooked, everything becomes a possible story or poem idea.
  4. Become part of a larger community–of teachers who write…and writers who teach.

What’s on your summer writing bucket list? You don’t need to have a novel hiding in your desk drawer to call yourself a writer. All the small things add up. If you don’t have a list going already, here’s a little inspiration for Summer 2016:

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What’s on your writing bucket list? Please share in the comments below!