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Chalk-A-Bration: Poetry and Chalk Celebration

Celebrate Chalketry on the last day of each month!
What is Chalk-A-Bration?
Chalk-A-Bration is chalk and Poetry put together using illustrations and words for all to read, share and enjoy. See below for ideas if you are a classroom teacher or a poetry lover or check out this Prezi that explains it as well!
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How did Chalk-A-Bration begin?
Back in March of 2012 my husband was outside with our children doing chalk on the driveway. He got the idea to write some song lyrics. This idea of writing words on our driveway spread. I started writing poems in chalk, and then my husband started writing poems and my children drew pictures. It was fun!
Then, I began thinking, what if  others shared writing underfoot? What if someone, somewhere wrote their favorite poem or an original poem and someone else stumbled upon it? Instant smiles is what I thought. Chalk-A-Bration was born and has become a celebration both grown ups and children look forward to. There are two ways to participate in Chalk-A-Bration. Read below for more information.
Are you a classroom teacher?
Poetry is an art that should be celebrated! This once a month challenge encourages classroom teachers to put a focus on poetry, even if just for a moment. Here is a process to follow if you are doing Chalk-A-Bration with your class for the first time and need direction.
  • Read poetry to your students leading up to the celebration.
  • One of the easiest poems to write collaboratively is a list poem. Choose a topic and have students list ideas and thoughts while you transcribe the words for the whole class.
  • Make decisions as a group about a title, order of the lines and if there should be stanza breaks.
  • Okay, you are ready to write the poem outside (or inside on a chalkboard or black paper). Students can help with this or you can write the words.
  • Students can illustrate important details from the poem.
  • Photograph the poem and illustrations for a blog post.
  • Once your blog post is published, visit Teaching Young Writers on the last day of the month and post your unique URL in a comment. What is a unique URL? This is the link that goes directly to your blog post, not just the main page of your blog.
  • Last job? Visit the other celebrators. Show your students all the chalk poems and illustrations to drum up excitement and ideas for the following month.
Are you someone who loves poetry?
I would love it if you would join me at the end of the month and share some chalk as an individual poet.
  • From your favorite poet or from your own notebook, put a poem on a piece of ground somewhere (asphalt, sidewalk, maybe even a fence–just make sure it is appropriate and legal).
  •  Illustrate it if you like with chalk too and take a photo!
  • Post it to your blog and link to the Chalk-A-Bration post here (Teaching Young Writers) on Chalk-A-Bration day.

Would you like the dates for all the upcoming Chalk-A-Bration celebrations?
Here they are!

Tuesday, September 30th

Friday, October 31st

Sunday, November 30th

Wednesday, December 31st

Saturday, January 31st

Saturday, February 28th

Tuesday, March 31st

Thursday, April 30th

Sunday, May 31st

Tuesday, June 30th

Friday, July 31st

Would you like a shirt? Go to this link to learn more.
Chalk-A-Bration is always the last day of each month at Teaching Young Writers.
Be sure to visit as many of the chalkers as you can to see what they created with their bare hands and some chalk.

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