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Introducing Throwback Thursday

Created with Martin's Manchester Kit and LaPresse Font.
Created with Martin’s Manchester Kit and LaPresse Font.

I thought it would be fun to highlight some older posts this month.  We’ve crafted over 3,000 posts since we started Two Writing Teachers in June 2007!  Our posts are archived by month and categorized by subject.  You can use the search bar, category menu, and archive month drop-down at the bottom of the blog to locate what you’re looking for.  However, I thought I’d pick out several posts to re-feature this March.

The archive and category search tools can be found at the bottom of our blog.
The archive and category search tools can be found at the bottom of our blog.

This Week’s Theme:  Finding Topics to Write About

* = If you’re a “Seinfeld” fan, you can imagine I hesitated referring to myself in the third person. I toyed with writing me, but it looked funny.  I went with referring to myself by name for consistency reasons (despite that “The Jimmy” episode from “Seinfeld.”)

Comments are now closed on all of the above-mentioned posts.  Therefore, if you have any thoughts or questions about what you encountered in these posts, please write a comment below.

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    • Thanks Christy. I made a “Seinfeld” reference to a high schooler a couple of weeks ago. Then I stopped myself, mid-reference, and said, “Am I dating myself? Have you ever seen ‘Seinfeld’?”
      “I’ve heard of it,” the teenager said.
      Oye, I thought.


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