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It’s a special date today. Never again in our life time will the month, day, and year be identical. My daughter’s school had a special 12-12-12 celebration. At home, we celebrated Andy’s birthday. So in honor of 12-12-12, I’ve decided to make a list of 12 reasons I believe in writing workshop.

1. Stories change the world. The more we learn to share our stories, the better the world becomes.
2. Everyone can learn to write. I believe in shifting writing instruction from assignments to teaching points.
3. Writing should be fun.
4. Writing takes tenacity. To write well we need regular blocks of time to make the words work on the page.
5. Writing makes us better readers.
6. If we are going to learn Standard English, then we need time to play with possibilities.
7. There are a variety of needs in every classroom. Conferring allows me to meet them all.
8. If I’m going to meet the expectations of Common Core then I must establish writing workshop.
9. It works. Kids are stronger writers after a year in writing workshop than a year doing worksheets and assigned writing tasks.
10. Writing workshop teaches specific strategies to help students hone their writing skills.
11. Writers need a community of other writers.
12. It is aligned with best practice instruction. Although it was originally designed for college instruction. It has since been proven as effective instruction for all ages. Quite simply, writing workshop makes sense.

What kind of list of 12 will you make?

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  1. Love the list and will take time to make my own. I love the 12/12/12. So did my students.
    As to Jan. 1, 2101 – it is beyond my years ( I am way to old to be around on that date) but wondering what my students will be writing and with what? Will they be using pencils? Will writing only be talking at the point? Will they tell their story to a computer and it records it for them? Amazing to think about! Love the jumping into the science fiction of our future!
    Thanks for the post!


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