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Slice of Life Buttons

Since it’s five years, I really think we should have five different buttons. Here we go…




A new color for all of you blue lovers (like Stacey)…

A special 5 year anniversary button for the March challenge…

Or perhaps you’d rather use this one for your March 2012 slices…

Your choice, but we do hope you use an image for your Slice of Life posts. The official images for the 5th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge will be the gray one or the strip of all five. But throughout the year, you’ll probably see the a variety of colors cropping up in my slices.

Wondering how to grab the image for your blog? Well, since I’m having trouble figuring out how to share the code, we’ll go with the next best thing. Here are the steps:

  1. Right click on the button you would like. (If you want more than one, you’ll have to follow these steps for each button.)
  2. Choose SAVE AS.
  3. Then save the image to a place in your computer. The simplest place is your desktop.
  4. Open your blog and add an image to a new post. (Now the image is in your media and you can access it via your blog for any post).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment.

And one more thing…

Have you invited a friend to join you for Slice of Life Story Challenge in March? Make sure to spread the word!

Image Credits: Circle tag (A. Aspen, Holiday Twist Kit); Fonts (Freebooter Script; Downcome; Century Gothic)

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Unhurried. Finding the magic in the middle of living. Capturing a life of ridiculous grace + raw stories.

18 thoughts on “Slice of Life Buttons Leave a comment

  1. WOW! Guys, I’m so glad you liked the buttons. I on-purpose chose a “blue” that bordered on purple…call it what you want, I’m just glad you are pleased.

    And please feel free to use the 5 year button, even if this is your first year joining the challenge…the button simply commemorates the challenge, it doesn’t identify the amount of time you’ve been blogging. 🙂

    There’s still time to talk your friends into joining!

    Happy writing,


  2. These look great! I love blue too! I like the five year one but I have only been on here for one challenge so I don’t really feel I can use it! It is cool though. I look forward to motivating my class this year in the March Challenge. I do want to get back into the Tuesday Slices. There’s always hope. Thanks Ruth and Stacey!


  3. How fun! These look great! I haven’t been as diligent about the weekly slicing, but I do hope to join up for the challenge again this year. I’m also opening it to students again and will have them link up to my blog…here goes nothin!! 🙂


  4. Whoo hoo! Let the slicing begin…I’m loading a couple buttons. They are so purty I can’t decide which to use. Maybe I’ll mix it up this year. I did a little pep talk with my co-workers. Hopefully I encouraged a few more friends to slice this year. I can’t wait to read everyones stories.


  5. love it so much….just so you know…I just started my blog so I can start to ‘slice’…I’m not so great with the link thing yet…it took me so long to figure out to put my favorites on…but I finally got my courage up to ask my more tech savvy husband to read this morning and he may start to help…I hope there are other 50 somethings out there that will take up the challenge TGIS !


  6. Thanks for all the choices! I will pick the blue, which looks purple to me too, BTW. I’m so excited and will try to persuade other colleagues besides my one faithful one to join us. Tuesdays are the best!


  7. Love the multi colored button. I’m wondering- how has the slicing community grown? Do you have how many did each year, even if they did not post every day? SOLC has changed my writing life. Tuesday’s are so much brighter.


  8. Love the way the gray has all the colors. However, I can not seem to save just the blue or gray individually. Every time I right click on one, and save as, it saves the whole strip. I’ve tried copy, paste and crop in Word, but it always saves it as the whole strip. Any suggestions?


  9. I really like the 5 year one. The yellow will always be a favorite too because it was the year I started slicing and you all enriched my life so much! Posting today about this year’s challenge @ klingercafe I can hardly wait for March, and I’m the one who doesn’t want time to rush this year 🙂


  10. To me it looks purple. And seeing as purple is one of my favorite colors, I love the new button (green is the other one)!
    Thanks for creating the new buttons! I’ll post them on FB now. 🙂


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