Interactive Charts

Taking Kristi Mraz‘s chart-making course at the July Writing Institute was so helpful to me.  Kristi really got me thinking about having a take away item (made with a post-it note) that you can hand to kids if they need a reminder to do something.  In addition, she encouraged the use of illustrations on charts.  Since I always taught upper grade, the idea of putting doodles on my chart seemed so foreign to me.  However, by the end of the time I spent with Kristi, I was convinced that having illustrations on some of my charts could enhance the meaning of them (and therefore help my teaching stick), so it would be worth trying.

Last week, I created a bunch of sample charts for an in-service I’m leading today and tomorrow at a local school.  The in-service I’m leading is not about writing, it’s about launching Interactive Read Aloud.  However, Kristi’s ideas still apply.  So, I gave my sketching (on sticky-notes) a try.  Here are three of the interactive charts I created:

This comes from a book club source I was unable to cite. If you happen to know where the text on this chart was adapted from, please shoot me an e-mail so I can give credit where credit is due. (I found this in my digital files and made it into a chart.)

The sticky notes are visual reminders that can be removed from the chart and handed to a child as a reminder of what they can try/should be doing at a given time.

Like all effective charts, these charts shouldn’t just be posted, as-is, in a classroom.  They need to be created with the children so they are memorable and useful learning tools.